The Auto Club classmate was released in May 2015 update and is a combination of Class President and Rebel and can be placed in either of these hangouts.

The male Auto Club is rarer than the female.

In-Game Description

Car not fast enough? Is it making you furious? Then cruise down to the Auto Club! They've got the tools, the drive, and the know-how to trick out your ride, or rebuild it from the ground up! Get ready for life in the fast lane!


Auto Club can be placed in President or Rebel Hangouts.


All types have one pose that is unique for their Classmate type. The Auto Club Classmate's pose is twirling a wrench in their hand and tossing it into the air.

Earning Rates


  • Level 1: 115 CpH
  • Level 2: 125 CpH
  • Level 3: 135 CpH
  • Level 4: 145 CpH
  • Level 5: 155 CpH
  • Level 6: 165 CpH
  • Level 7: 175 CpH
  • Level 8: 185 CpH
  • Level 9: 195 CpH
  • Level 10: 205 CpH


  • Level 1: 110 CpH
  • Level 2: 120 CpH
  • Level 3: 130 CpH
  • Level 4: 140 CpH
  • Level 5: 150 CpH
  • Level 6: 160 CpH
  • Level 7: 170 CpH
  • Level 8: 180 CpH
  • Level 9: 190 CpH
  • Level 10: 200 CpH


The Auto Club type can be obtained by partying a president and a rebel, or any combination type classmates which include those types.

Party and Admission Time Length

The admission and party times for male Auto Club is 22 hours and 30 minutes, and the female's is 7 hours and 30 minutes.

Combination List

  • Auto Club + Auto Club
  • Rebel + Class President
  • Rebel + Auto Club
  • Class President + Auto Club


The rarity for a male Auto Club is 3 stars or rare. The rarity for a female Auto Club is 1 star or common.


The male Auto Club can be purchased in the Store for 2750 rings, while the female Auto Club costs 255 rings. This simply indicates that the male Auto Club is the rarer classmate. When selling the Auto Club members, the male is worth 2250 coins, while the female is worth 750 coins.




Composed of


Auto Club classmates are a dual-type.


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