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Divided We Fall is a main story quest in High School Story. Julian and Nishan were trying to sabotage each other in order to receive "The Warren grant". The MC, Mia, Wes are trying to solve the conflict between Julian and Nishan. In the end, Katherine suggested to spend the money to send students to Washington D.C. for a conference and the rest of the grant money to be used for the school.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Have 75 Classmates None 400 books
1,300 XP
2 A Level 6+ Hip Hop
A Level 8+ Dancer
A Level 8+ Dancer
14 hours 38,000 coins
1,300 XP
3 A Level 8+ DJ
A Level 8+ Glee
A Level 5+ Virtuoso
16 hours 36,000 coins
1,300 XP
4 A Level 8+ Mascot
A Level 6+ Band
A Level 5+ Band
18 hours 32,000 coins
1,300 XP
5 A Wallflower
A Level 8+ Hacker
A Level 7+ Hacker
14 hours 33,000 coins
1,300 Xp
6 Wes
A Level 8+ Slacker
A Level 8+ Slacker
20 hours 200 books
1,300 XP
7 Julian
1 Day 30,000 coins
1,300 XP
8 The MC
A Nerd except Nishan
A Jock Except Julian
16 hours 35,000 coins
1,300 XP
9 Level Katherine None 39 000 coins
1,300 XP


Divided We Fall is the third story arc for Level 27.

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