General Information

Dodge City

Dodge City is a main story quest in High School Story. The MC's team is surviving the game, even with Julian, who is not so good in playing the game. The MC's team make it to the finals, against Katherine and Mia. Who is going to win the dodgeball game? Keep playing to find out!


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Payton 14 hours 32,000 coins
1,300 XP
2 A Heartthrob
An Actor
A Movie Star
16 hours 34,000 coins
1,300 XP
3 Level 4+ Varsity
Level 4+ Varsity,
20 hours 38,000 coins
1,300 XP
4 Level 4+ President
Level 10+ Student Gov
Level 10+ Student Gov
12 hours 31,000 coins
1,300 XP
5 Mia, Katherine 14 hours 34,000 coins, 1,300 XP
6 The MC
19 hours 36,000 coins
1,300 XP
7 Julian 21 hours 37,000 coins
1,300 XP
8 Complete a Party with Julian and Payton None 39,000 coins
1,300 XP


Dodge City is the third story arc for Level 28.

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