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Dream Team is a main story quest in High School Story. You and your classmates are heading home from Washington, D.C., after the Young Leaders Conference. One evening, while the MC's with friends, Koh shows up with an idea of a Dodgeball game. Pick your own dream team and compete against friends' teams, especially the formidable rebels. Who is gonna win? Keep playing to find out!


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Koh 14 hours 30 000 coins
1,300 XP
2 Autumn
16 hours 32 000 coins
1,300 XP
3 Wes
18 hours 31 000 coins
1,300 XP
4 Spend 2,000 books None 32 000 coins
1,300 XP
5 Koh
8+ Rebel
6+ Rebel
21 hours 39 000 coins
1,300 XP
6 Katherine
18 hours 37 000 coins
1,300 XP


Dream Team is the second story arc for Level 28.

< Young Leaders Conference (Previous Story Quest)

(Next Story Quest) Dodge City >

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