General InformationEdit

Fantasy Photo Booth is a time sensitive quest in High School Story. It will expire in 7 days. The main objective is to add a new Fantasy Photo Booth to your campus. Fantasy Photo Booth can be bought in store under the 'building' category and it costs only 1000 coins. It is a way of dating, the same way Hollywood U has dating. You can date the main characters, such as Julian, Autumn, Nishan, Wes, and Sakura; and minor characters, such as Max, all for different prices. Even if your main character already has a significant other or any of these main characters have a significant other, all dates may still proceed. 

This quest offers a 'free preview' which must be viewed in order to proceed to the quest itself.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Have 1 Fantasy Photo Booth None 1,200 coins

Note: If you are dating Julian, parts of the dialogue will change.