General Information

Just Desserts is a main story quest in High School Story. The MC and Koh manages to get into the second round for "zunana" cooking competition. It's time to show off your cooking skills to fight Autumn and Sakura, so you need to work with Koh for the cook off. Who's gonna win in the end?


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Nishan 15 hours 40 000 coins
1,300 XP
2 Koh 12 hours 36 000 coins
1,300 XP
3 A Level 9+ Slacker Except Wes
A Level 8+ Slacker Except Wes
21 hours 37 000 coins
1,300 XP
4 Spend 950,000 coins None 31 000 coins
1,300 XP
5 Katherine
15 hours 200 books
1,300 XP
6 Koh
The MC
14 hours 33 000 coins
1,300 XP
7 Sakura
17 hours 35 000 coins
1,300 XP
8 Wes
19 hours 37 000 coins
1,300 XP


Just Desserts is the second story arc for Level 29.

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