General InformationEdit

Mission Nerdpossible is a main story quest in High School Story. The main objective is to find out who built the equipment used to spy on Julian during your school's Homecoming game. Later on, the Main Character tries to convince Nishan to join the school.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Have 1 Artist Hangout None Autumn
1,425 XP
2 The MC
30 minutes 1,000 coins
1,425 XP
3 Have 1 Upgraded Classroom None 2,850 XP
4 Spend 5,000 coins
Add a plot of land
Level a Nerd
None 2,850 XP
5 Complete a Successful Date with a Nerd
Complete a Party with a Nerd
None 2,000 coins
2,850 XP
6 Julian 1 hour 2,850 XP
7 A Level 5+ Classmate
A Level 5+ Classmate
2 hours Nishan
2,750 XP


  • Mission Nerdpossible is the story arc for Level 6.
  • This is the first appearance of Nishan.

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