General InformationEdit

Mr. Phillips is a minor character in High School Story. He is first introduced in the premium quest The Great Escape, where he plans a pizza party for his class the day before break.

Mr. Phillips is known to be the school's psychology teacher. The MC takes his class, presumably as an elective. Along with the MC in the same period, other students known to be enrolled in his class are Autumn, Julian, Sakura, Nishan, Payton, Ezra, Mia, Wes, and Shane*. Mr. Phillips may have a favorable opinion of Autumn, Julian, and Sakura since he leaves them to be the teaching assistants.

He leaves out worksheets for the class to complete in his abscence. However it's implied he has a mischievous side; as all the worksheets have no psych related questions only advanced chemistry problems that are too difficult for anyone in the class to pass. In the end we find Mr. Phillips never planned for them to complete the assignment as after the students escape he gives them all A's. The worksheets he gave out were merely a distraction so he could observe how his students handle different positions of power

  • Shane will only appear in the quest if (i) you have enrolled him in your school, and (ii) he is selected as part of the quest.

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