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Opening Night is a main story quest in High School Story. In the opening day, Koh drops out of the play without any explanation and Katherine is the only one who knows all the lines for her character, Lady Venom. However, Katherine doesn't know how to act and she has stage fright due to her mother's lack of support after an incident that happened during Katherine's childhood. The main objective of this quest is to help Katherine rehearse for the play, face her fear and also promote the play, sell tickets, and help your classmates during the play. Afterwards, you all celebrate at a cast party.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards

The Main Character

9 hours

18,000 coins
500 XP


A Level 8+ Guy Actor
A Level 8+ Girl Actor
A Level 5+ Guy Rebel

14 hours

20,000 coins
500 XP


Spend 350,000 coins
Change the Main Character's hair
Change the MC's Outfit


1,400 books
500 XP

4 Mia 20 hours

24,000 coins
500 XP


An Emo
A Glee Club Member
A Parkour

18 hours

21,000 coins
500 XP


Get 1,000 more books


1,000 books
500 XP


The MC
A Classmate wearing Fashion Revolutionary or Red Ruffle Revolution outfit

15 hours

18,000 coins
500 XP


A Level 8+ Homecoming Classmate
A Level 5+ Band Member
A Level 5+ Band Member

16 hours

20,000 coins
500 XP

9 Complete a Party with Mia None

26,000 coins
500 XP

  • You need to collect the books during part 6.
  • In Part 6, Payton and Julian are not required for the quest, you only watch their performances.


Opening Night is the third story arc for Level 22.

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