Platinum classmates are All Star classmates that can be placed in any hangout. They can only be purchased with real money, not rings.

There are currently 5 platnum classmates in the game: Lea Michele, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Cleo De Nile. Although they are all platinum classmates, only Lea Michele has the platinum banner.


Lea Michele

Lea Michele is the first All Star and platinum classmate, introduced in the ____ 2015 Update. She costs $12.99 to purchase.

"Singer? Dancer? Actor? This award winning brunette has the ambition to do... well, everything! When she's not hitting high notes on Broadway or heartfelt monologues on her new hit TV show, Lea could be hanging out with you! BONUS: adding Lea to your school unlocks exclusive quests!"


Draculaura was introduced in the 2015 Halloween Update. She costs $7.99 to purchase.

"Not your average vampire, Draculaura is still young at sweet 1600. She loves gossip, freaky fab fashion, and fanging out with her friends! BONUS: adding Draculaura unlocks an exclusive quest!"

Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf was introduced in the 2015 Halloween Update. She costs $7.99 to purchase.

"Confident and no-nonsense, Clawdeen Wolf is a werewolf with big dreams of becoming a fashion designer and prowling the runway. She's loyal and fiercely protective of her friends and family, so don't mess with her pack! BONUS: adding Clawdeen unlocks an exclusive quest!"

Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein was introduced in the 2015 Halloween Update. She costs $7.99 to purchase.

"Brought into unlife as a teenager, Frankie Stein is still a bit naive about both the monster and 'normie' worlds... but with everything so new and exciting, she can't help but put a spark of energy into everything she does! BONUS: adding Frankie Stein unlocks an exclusive quest!"

Cleo De Nile

Cleo De Nile was introduced in the 2015 Halloween Update. She costs $7.99 to purchase.

"A true Egyptian princess, Cleo's a natural leader and ready to reign over the student body! She's competitive, but she's not a diva without feelings. Just ask her best ghoul friends! BONUS: adding Cleo De Nile unlocks an exclusive quest!"

Earning Rates

As platinum classmates are all All Stars, they don't all have the same earning rates. Go to their pages to find out their individual earning rates.


These classmates can be placed in any hangout, although the Monster High Platinum classmates are the only classmates that can be placed in the Monster High Hangout.

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