Platinum Hangout

Platinum Hangout


The Platinum Hangout is unlocked once you reach Level 3 in High School Story and can be found in the Hangouts section of the Store. This hangout can hold students from every clique, and a maximum capacity of 3 can be built (it does not count against your Hangout limit). As of the Easter 2016 Update, a maximum of 10 Platinum Hangouts can be purchased.

In-Game Description

Long Description: Say hello to the coolest spot on campus! The Platinum Hangout can house any of your classmates, and doesn't count against your Hangout limit! Because if you're going to hang out... you might as well do it big!

Tagline: Hang out in style!


The Platinum Hangout unlocks at Level 3, it can be bought from the Store for 1,475 rings and takes 4 hours to build and can be sold for 25,000 coins. Its capacity is three students and holds a maximum of 3,000 coins.

At Level ? the Platinum Hangout can be upgraded for 500 rings and takes 8 hours to complete and can be sold for 40,000 coins. It now holds five students and has a maximum of 7,000 coins.


Any of your classmates can be placed here.


Due to an earlier bug, on certain devices the Platinum hangout was identical to the President hangout, meaning it only cost 240,000 coins. This has now been corrected.


Platinum Hangout-0

Before and After Upgrade