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Quiz Bowl is a main story quest in High School Story. The main objective is to help Wes to prove that he deserves to be part of the Quiz Bowl team with Nishan, Sakura, and the MC and then to compete against Hearst High in the Quiz Bowl.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 The MC
8 hours 17,000 coins
1,656 XP
2 Level Wes None 1,656 XP
3* Ezra!
Spend 250,000 coins
None 1,500 books
1,656 XP
4 Sakura
16 hours 21,000 coins
1,656 XP
5 Sakura
20 hours 25,000 coins
1,656 XP
6 A Level 6+ Movie Star
A Level 7+ Class Clown
A Level 6+ Glee Club Member
14 hours 20,000 coins
1,656 XP
7 Wes 18 hours 24,000 coins
1,656 XP
8* Answer! None 30,000 coins
1,658 XP


  • In Part 3, Ezra and Mia help coach Wes, but they are not required for the quest.
  • In Part 8, choose Gregarious to "What is the term used to describe the social behavior of wolves?"
  • Quiz Bowl is the fourth story arc for Level 21.

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