Ryan is an Artist All-Star in High School Story. He can be purchased for 560 rings and can only be placed in the Artist Hangout. He is unlocked at Level 6, and was introduced in the Born This Way quest.


Ryan has blue eyes and olive skin tone. He has red hair in a messy man-bun hairstyle which costs 350 rings. He wears the Level 1 Artist outfit.

In-Game Description 

Known to some as the brilliant young sculptor with the prosthetic arm, Ryan would much rather be known for his kind-hearted spirit and bright sense of humor. Whether he's working on pieces for a new exhibit or joking around with his best friends, Ryan is happiest when putting a smile on someone else's face!

Recruitment Dialogue

Ryan: This is your campus, MC?

Ryan: Where are the art galleries? Why are there so few pottery wheels? And don't get me started on handicap accessible...

Ryan: ...I'm one hundred percent kidding! This place is amazing! I love it already! I could move in.

Ryan: ...You should have seen your face though. Pretty priceless.

Earning Rates 

Ryan's earning rates are the same as the normal male Artist.

  • Level 1: 115 CpH
  • Level 2: 125 CpH
  • Level 3: 135 CpH
  • Level 4: 145 CpH
  • Level 5: 155 Cph
  • Level 6: 165 CpH
  • Level 7: 175 CpH
  • Level 8: 185 CpH
  • Level 9: 195 CpH
  • Level 10: 205 CpH


Ryan can be placed in the Artist or Platinum hangouts.


  • Ryan has a prosthetic arm
  • Ryan was first introduced in the 2015 Halloween Update