Sakura is Gamer who attended Hearst High. She is unlocked and admitted to the MC's school at Level 14, in the quest, The Gamer Girl.

Sakura's Story

It's revealed early on, when Nishan transfers, he was good friends with Sakura at Hearst High. When you approach Sakura about transferring to your school you find out that she was hurt when Nishan not only left her alone at Hearst but left her with a lot of unfinished projects they were working on together, too, which made Sakura quite angry at Nishan.

While trying to recruit Sakura you find out from Nishan that she has always struggled with her grades in art class as this is the one subject she can't play games to succeed in.


Sakura has pink hair in a curly half-up-half-down hairstyle, accessorized with a black clip, brown eyes, and dark olive tone. She wears the Level 10 Gamer Outfit. Unlike most of the other main story characters, her outfit does not change that often in seasonal updates.

Personality & Characteristics

Sakura is shown to be fierce, fiery, and short-tempered. She can also be stubborn and does not seem to be romantic. She can be over-competitive, which is fitting, as she is a Gamer.

In-Game Description

Sharp, calculating, and competitive, Sakura applies her pro-gamer attitude and strategic genius to every part of life. And while her analytical approach may strike some as cold, make no mistake... Sakura is one of the best Player 2's a friend could ask for!



Sakura and Nishan were good friends while they attended Hearst High, but when Nishan transferred and left Sakura they became enemies. However, Sakura forgave Nishan and joined the school. It has also been hinted that Nishan likes Sakura more than a friend.


They are good friends, along with everyone else in the MC's group. Their relationship is mostly platonic but they have moments that might be considered romantic. In Innovation Challenge, if PaytonDatin' wins, Payton offers to set up Sakura and Wes on a date and surprisingly, (at the time) they both agreed to it. In Quiz Bowl, when Sakura is sitting on Wes' back while she is quizzing him, she falls on top of him and it appears as if they are about to kiss until Nishan and the MC walk in. They also have another moment in Greek Holiday where Sakura saves Wes from a falling statue and falls on top of him again, but Nishan appears and she quickly gets off him.


  • In the quest Family Tree, she is revealed to be Japanese.
  • Sakura means cherry blossoms in Japanese, which could be the reason for her pink hair.
  • When the MC, Payton, Mia and Nishan go to Sakura's house for a LoL Boot Camp in Building the Clan, Sakura says that she is very different from her parents.


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