General Information

Skate of Emergency is a help quest in High School Story. The main objective is to help your Skater classmate get a sponsor with "Rawkster Energy Drink Corp."


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Have 1 Jock Hangout
Have 1 Slacker Hangout
None 1,400 coins
2 Add a Plot of Land None 50 books
3 The MC
The Skater
A Level 6+ Filmmaker
8 hours 1,600 coins
4 The Skater
A Level 7+ Prep Except the MC
A Level 5+ Actor
12 hours 1,800 coins
5 Level the Skater
Spend 62,000 coins
None 50 books
6 The Skater
A Level 7+ Nerd Except the MC
A Level 5+ Cheerleader
16 hours 5 rings


  • The name of the company is a parody of Rockstar, Inc., a company producing energy drinks, which does sponsor a number of action sports and music events.