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"Throw the ultimate spring fling in this classic HSS quest!"

Spring Fling is a time-sensitive seasonal quest in High School Story. Payton wants to host the Spring Fling Dance (a celebration of spring) but Autumn asks her if she could host it instead. She decides her party's motto will be "Spring Fling: Try A New Thing!" where everything will break the status quo. Though reluctant, Payton agrees to let Autumn plan it while she tries her hardest not to interfere. Will things go the way Autumn hopes or will everything turn out the way Payton predicts?


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Free Preview!

Spend 100 rings

None 1,000 books
2 A Guy Nerd
A Girl Nerd
4 hours 4,000 coins
3 Have 6 Flower Boxes None 50 books
4 A Guy Jock
A Girl Jock
6 hours 6,000 coins
5 A Wallflower
A Gamer
A Cheerleader
8 hours 8,000 coins
6 Change a Nerd's Outfit
Change a Prep's Outfit
Change a Jock's Outfit
None 90 books
7 A Student Gov
A Jock Except the MC
A Nerd Except the MC
7 hours 10,000 coins
8 The MC
A Classmate
9 hours 12,000 coins

A Guy Classmate
A Girl Classmate

10 hours 250 book


  • Spring Fling was released on the 4th April 2016 and re-released on the 19th April 2017.

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