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Summer Road Trip is a seasonal time-sensitive quest in High School Story. Summer is coming but Autumn, Julian, Nishan and Payton already have plans so they will be too busy to spend any time with each other or with you during this time. Before everyone goes their separate ways, Payton plans "to cram in an entire summer's worth of friendship" into an "epic road trip". Where will you go? And what will you see?


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Free Preview!
Spend 250 rings
none 6,000 coins
2 Level 6+ Julian 2 hours 1,000 coins
3 Level 5+ Autumn 3 hours 1,250 coins
4 Level 5+ Nishan 4 hours 250 books
5 Level 6+ MC 5 hours 1,750 coins
6 Level 5+ Payton 4 hours 2,000 coins
7 Level Payton None 2,500 coins
8 Julian
8 hours 250 books


Summer Road Trip was re-released on the 13th June 2016.

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