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Thanksgiving Parade is a time sensitive, seasonal quest in High School Story. You and your friends are taking part in a Thanksgiving Parade before your school's spirit rally. But then Payton reveals that the Homecoming Court will be riding on the best parade, causing all of your friends to become a bit too competitive. Each clique believes their float is the best and with tensions about to reach their peaks, will you be able to help everyone settle their differences before the big parade?


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Free Preview!
Spend 10,000 coins
None 150 books
2 A Prep Except the MC and Payton
A Student Gov
A Wallflower
4 hours 2,000 coins
3 An Artist Except Autumn
A Dancer
An Actor
5 hours 2,500 coins
4 A Nerd Except the MC and Nishan
A Gamer
A Filmmaker
6 hours 3,000 coins
5 A Jock Except the MC and Julian
A Cheerleader Except Mia
A Mascot
8 hours 3,600 coins
6 Spend 12,000 coins None 180 books
7 A Homecoming Classmate
A Homecoming Classmate
7 hours 4,000 coins


Thanksgiving Parade was re-released on the 9th November 2015 and 15th November 2016

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