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"Did you catch this classic fan-favorite HSS quest? If you didn’t, now’s your chance to play it for the first time! And if you did, try it again to give awards to an all new set of friends!"

The Besties is a special-time sensitive quest in High School Story. The Drama Club comes to you with an interesting proposal, they want to hold a Hollywood-inspired Awards Show honouring your schools' best and brightest! Thinking it's a great idea, you and you friends decide to help organize and host the event. It will be an unforgettable night for everyone but which of your classmates will be leaving with a "Bestie"?


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Free Preview!
Spend 5,000 coins
None 50 books
2 An Actor
A Student Gov
A Student Gov
1 hour 50 books

Change the MC's outfit

None 50 books
4 A Cheerleader
A Wallflower
2 hours 50 books
5 Payton
A Jock
4 hours 400 coins
6 Autumn
A Classmate
8 hours 800 coins
7 Payton
A Classmate
16 hours 1,600 coins
8 Julian
A Classmate
20 hours 2,000 coins
9 Payton
A Classmate
A Classmate
23 hours 2,300 coins


  • The Besties was unlocked at Level 7. It was re-released on the 22nd February 2016 and 24th February 2017