General InformationEdit

The First Party is a main story quest in High School Story. The main objective is to get more people to join your school by helping Payton throw a party.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Admit Julian None

1,200 coins
3,000 XP


Spend 50 coins
Have 2 Balloons
Have 2 Preps


23 books
3,000 XP


A Level 2+ Nerd
A Level 2+ Prep

10 minutes

800 coins
3,000 XP


Have 1 Party Central
Complete a Party with a Prep and a Jock

None 3,000 XP

Have 7 Classmates
Admit a Cheerleader

None 2,000 XP


The First Party is the story arc for Level 3.

  • This is Payton's first appearance.
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