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The Mastermind is a main story quest in High School Story. You and your friends are determined to catch the person who sabotaged your float with illegal fireworks. So far, you and your friends are tailing Jack Carver for using a restaurant to do business with illegal fireworks. The tailing game continues and you and your friends are determined to find the real mastermind behind Jack Carver's suspicious activity.

*SPOILER* After leaving a note at Burger Baron, in disguise, you meet Jack and his boss at a location of your choosing. The plan works and you catch Jack's boss, Razor (Koh's ex) confessing to his actions on film, but when you go to Prof. Edwin to show her the film, she shows you numerous clues pointing the evidence toward you instead. She expels you and the other main story characters (except Autumn, Ezra, Mia and Sakura).


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Level 5+ Koh 13 hours 20,000 coins
1300 XP
2 Level 6+ Wes 14 hours 24,000 coins
1300 XP
3 Buy Any Outfit
Change The MC's Outfit
None 300 books
1300 XP
4 Have 40 Unlocked Plots None 30,000 coins
1300 XP
5 The MC 12 hours 32,000 coins
1300 XP
6 Level 4+ Katherine
Level 7+ Payton
15 hours 29,000 coins
1300 XP
7 Level 7+ Julian 16 hours 34,000 coins
1300 XP


The Mastermind is the third story arc for Level 30 and was released on the 12th May 2015.

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