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The Nova Theater is a special quest in High School Story. The main objective is to help the band (the MC, EzraJulianNishan, Payton) and manager Mia play the opening act for their rival band Zero Hour.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Ezra 9 hours 4000 coins
2 Mia
A level 4+ DJ
12 hours 250 books
3 The MC
10 hours 5000 coins
4 Showtime None 5500 coins
5 Ezra 14 hours 250 books
6 Julian
13 hours 7000 coins
7* The MC
16 hours 6000 coins
8 Level Ezra none 6500 coins


In Part 7, you have the option to spend 10 rings to 'Dump soda on her head' after Lena kisses Ezra on stage.

The Rule of Cool (Previous Story Quest)

(Next Story Quest) Zero Hour

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