General InformationEdit

The Science Fair is a main story quest in High School Story. The main objective is to impress a member of the school board by putting on a science fair.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Have 1 Upgraded Nerd Hangout None 3,650 XP
2 Add a plot of land
Spend 80,000 coins
None 3,650 XP
3 The MC
Level 5+ Gamer
A Level 5+ Student Gov
6 hours 2,250 coins
3,650 XP
4 Complete a Party with a Jock and a Dancer
Complete a Party with a Cheerleader and a Filmmaker
Complete a Party with a Prep and an Actor
None 3,650 XP
5 The MC
8 hours 4,500 coins
3,650 XP
6 Spend 100,000 coins None 3,750 XP


The Science Fair is the story arc for Level 11.

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