General Information

The Wes Test Makeover Madness

This is the third quest in an Arc centred around the "Know Your Friends" Quiz.

The Wes Test is a time sensitive quest in High School Story. Payton has chosen her next victim! Welcome to Round 3 of the "Know Your Friends" Quiz, this time with Wes under the microscope. Wes, a self-proclaimed enigma, is confident that his friends know nothing about him. But maybe it's Wes that will learn something new about himself at the end of the night.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Free Preview!
250 rings
None 20,000 coins
2 The MC
6 hours 16,000 coins
3 Nishan 8 hours 17,000 coins
4 Julian
10 hours 150 books
5 Payton 12 hours 14,000 coins
6 The MC
16 hours 16,000 coins
7 Complete a Party with Wes None 15,000 coins
250 books


  • The West Test was unlocked at Level 16

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