Hello to All HSS LovERs πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ’ž

Fisrt i would like to give special thanks to HSS wiki for this site and pixelberry ...which is why we are here.

But things need to change ....

I've written a page : 2017 ideas And i hoping it will help.

I feel like we are not visible

If we want to make the BEST of thise site we need action and we need it fast .

I noticed that some people are taking advantage and commenting rude stuff to others ...which is not allowed.That only happens at Hearst high.

I thought we are welcome to edit our site But what im seeing is a bit of clashes.

If i did not care i would have not written this blog .

I love playing HSS and i want the people to play it too.But how will they ever know if we are not ogarnized?

Please visite my page : 2017 ideas (we are not in 2016)

If we continue being best We will be heard!

If you dont agree and do not look up my page

Its fine can pick up your bags and transferr to HEARST HIGH .

πŸ’–- Charlie aka Hss user 21

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