Everyone here probably knows Max Warren, "alpha male" of Hearst. Spoiled, self-centered brat who thinks he's hot. And totally is, but still. I have a theory for why he is like this, besides just being so privileged.

Max Warren might suffer from depression.

Please use discretion when reading this, as it might upset some people.

My best friend since I was 8 had depression. She was always really kind, but also was very cocky and acted like the center of the universe. She was hiding suicidal depression behind the mask of arrogance. She killed herself because her family was very anti-LGBT and she was transgendered. She came out at 15-- in her last note to the world. Her parents were broken, both almost empty shells in the next few years. I almost killed myself just to join her, but I got therapy and it helped. I live on, though my heart is still scarred.

I think the same thing is happening to Max. Those who have done 'The Yearbook' know that his sister Mia suffers from depression about body image and from eating disorders. We know that she also acted like a queen before moving to your school.

Possibly far-fetched, but I think it might be true.


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