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"Vibrant Rio is waiting for you! Hunt for psychic octopi, eat delicious local cuisine and attend THE BIGGEST GAME in the world!!! Don't leave your best friends hanging!"

Welcome to Brazil is a time-sensitive quest in High School Story. You have been invited on a trip to Brazil with your friends to watch the World Cup football finals. However, Julian and Mia end up arguing about every aspect of the trip. Will you and your friends be able to enjoy themselves when they can't compromise?


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Free Preview
Spend 250 rings
None 1,000 books
2 Spend 15 coins
Spend 150,000 coins
None 150 books
3 Julian
4 hours 20,000 coins
4 Ezra
5 hours 10,000 coins
5 Catch Bus!
Spend 25,000 coins
None 200 books
6 Mia 8 hours 20,000 coins
7 Julian 7 hours 50 rings
100 books

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